YesBookit Holiday Rentals Booking Management

YesBookit Distribution and Collaboration


YesBookit has decommissioned its consumer accommodation portal effective 4 Oct 2013.

The YesBookit booking management system is an integrated web based bookings management application with real-time connectivity to leading trust and property management systems.

YesBookit is designed as the ideal management tool for holiday rentals agents managing multiple properties on behalf of many owners, each with one or more properties.

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YesBookit caters for Holiday Rentals and Letting agents. The tariff computation allows for a diverse range of rules and conditions. Booking can enter YesBookit from a wide range of sources, day and night. The solution include many marketing and productivity tools to streamline booking, guest and cleaning management.

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The YesBookit system will grow your holiday letting business by increasing sales and improving efficiencies.  Thus a typical holiday letting agent is able to handle several times the number of bookings with the same staff. Bookings and Payments taken day and night.

Increased Sales


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