Manage Guests and Bookings (CRM)

YesBookit empowers you to manage your guests and bookings efficiently and profitably in a way that suits your business and your clients.
Property managers can choose to either accept instant bookings online or capture booking requests with follow up payment emails subject to guest screening/approval.

How does it work?

Bookings are seamlessly captured either as Booking Requests or Instant Bookings with or without online payments. Alternatively, your team can efficiently look up availability and assist guests by phone.

YesBookit Bookings Management

Key features:

  • Capture guest details, payments due and received
  • Send professional template Emails or SMS
  • Manage checkins and checkouts
  • Manage housekeeping
  • Link Terms and Conditions and arrival documents
  • Booking status: Request, Pending, Confirmed
  • plus many more…

Business benefits:

  • Win bookings 24/7 with real time availability
  • Centralise information for staff efficiency
  • Access your system anywhere with internet and a browser
  • Manage thousands of bookings effortlessly
  • Report to owners
  • Capture data for business analytics, operational optimisation and marketing

Yes! Feature:  Owner’s can view or make bookings online directly without having to contact your office.

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