YesBookit Holiday Rentals Booking Management

YesBookit helps hundreds of PMs Join in! process over $300 million Feeding to all major accommodation sites! in bookings each year.

Booking Management

  • Automate guest communications
  • Set seasonal prices and specials
  • Manage calendars and inventory
  • Manage requests, bookings & cancellation
  • Create more revenue with booking extras
  • Online payments and arrears management
  • Cleaning management
  • Customised and automated Emails
  • Reporting
    Manage bookings seamlessly…

Responsive Websites

  • YesBookit websites drive your business
  • We’re all about direct bookings
  • Responsive mobile friendly
  • Social media friendly
  • Easy to use content management system
  • Work with our expert website design team
  • Affordable design and ongoing updates
    Latest design and functionality…

Channel Management

  • Publish properties to your website with online bookings
  • Distribute to leading channel partners (portals)
  • Link to Google Analytics
  • Analyse business data with specialised dashboards
  • Track your ROI with the channel reports
    Grow your business…

All that you need to know about Escapia

Your voice matters. Just like your software.

You’ve told us that your software needs to do more than keep the lights on — it needs to be easy to use and innovative.
That’s why we’re consolidating three software platforms into one new version of Escapia — to deliver innovation to you faster.

  • Experience an easier-to-use interface so you can more efficiently run daily operations.
  • Maximise revenue with modern software technology, powered by machine learning and AI.
  • Understand year-over-year performance and how it compares to your market with pace reporting — make informed decisions that drive success.
  • Increase revenue by taking action on opportunities that appear directly in your software.

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Introducing Glad to Have You™

Your branded hospitality app is here!

GladPRO mobile application seamlessly integrates with YesBookit and helps you:

  • Deliver a delightful guest experience
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Grow your guest database
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Gain analytical insights on your guests and their visitors

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Manage more properties per staff member and increase your bookings with a YesBookit website and booking system.


Grow your business through occupancy, yield, distribution and ancillary income with YesBookit.


Enjoy the benefits of happier guests and happier staff when you transform your business with a YesBookit online booking system.

The YesBookit booking management system is an integrated web based bookings management application with real-time connectivity to leading trust and property management systems.
YesBookit is designed as the ideal management tool for holiday rentals agents managing multiple properties on behalf of many owners, each with one or more properties.