Your voice matters. Just like your software. 

What’s happening?  What’s improving?  

You’ve told us that your software needs to do more than keep the lights on — it needs to be easy to use and innovative. It also needs to give you a competitive edge with tools that leverage data to help you better understand your market. That’s why we’re consolidating three software platforms into one new version of Escapia — to deliver innovation to you faster. The journey to modernisation starts now.

What’s happening?

Across the globe, HomeAway Software currently offers three different products. Whichever solution you use, the aim with each has always been the same: to evolve with and help grow your business. Over time, though, these products became more similar than different. This meant updating them in similar ways but at three different formats. Therefore innovation slowed, and we weren’t meeting our end of the bargain.

So after listening to your feedback and casting an eye to the future of your business, we’ve focused our efforts into building one robust solution that delivers the best functionality of any property management software. Consolidating three software products into one allows us to innovate and deliver the new functionality you have asked for, faster.

We’ll work with you to determine a transition time that works best for your business, and we’ll continue to support YesBookit during your transition. However we’re now building all new features and innovation into the new version of Escapia. This new Escapia will continue to provide the key functionality you rely on today, like booking management and distribution, so you can effectively and efficiently run day-to-day operations.

What’s improving?

Now for the really good part. Escapia comes with features YesBookit customers have been requesting for a long time such as better cleaner management, built-in trust accounting, automated payments and a lot more. 

But the new Escapia will also come with improvements designed to help you edge out the competition.

Experience an easier-to-use interface so you can more efficiently run daily operations.

Maximise revenue with modern software technology, powered by machine learning and AI.

Understand year-over-year performance and how it compares to your market with pace reporting — make informed decisions that drive success.

Increase revenue by taking action on opportunities that appear directly in your software.

What’s next?

Adopting new software can be disruptive, which is why we want to help make this the most seamless move possible. We’ll provide customer-specific tools to migrate your data and specialized resources to help train your teams. Plus you will get all the support you need from your own dedicated project manager: we’re here to guide you through this process from start to finish.

The YesBookit team in Newcastle and Sydney will still be looking after you, so you’ll have local people who understand your local needs. 

With this increased – and more focused – investment, we’re excited to deliver the innovation you asked for. You’ll get new functionality on a regular basis plus more Customer Support hours than ever.